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We started Lesson 1 today, and the kids loved it. We went through ‘aquatic animals’ and ‘aqua mobility.’ Then they watched a Blue Planet video from the library – Ocean Blue. They’re happy. 😉
My plan is to read just some of the sections to my 1st grader and let my 6th grader do the rest on his own, in preparation to more independent work next year with General Science. I’m hoping to spend one week going through the lesson and two or three days doing the activities and experiments. 1st grader will draw pictures and retell what she heard in the reading. 6th grader will write a short summary each day.


I am just getting used to WordPress right now and wanted to post and mark the occasion of my new blog with what I am doing this year with the kids in science. 

Michael (12) – We are finishing ‘Exploring Creation with Zoology 1.’  This is the book about insects and other flying creatures from the Apologia elementary science set. 

Michelle (7) – My Father’s World curriculum uses some simple Usborne books with experiments about water, plants, etc.  She has also participated in some of Michael’s lessons, though most of them are a bit too difficult for her to follow.

The purpose for starting this blog is to compile a record of what we are doing in science, provide a resource for others, and maybe some motivation for myself to be more excited about teaching it.

In my next post, I will write about what my plans are for next year…